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    Exciting paint ball in Mount Gambier

    Over the last twenty years, the sport of paintball has become recognised as one of the world’s most exciting outdoor sports. Paintball is a challenging, action-packed game and is played in over two dozen countries by thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.

     Physical size, age and strength are not as important as intelligence and determination in a game of paintball. Think quickly, decisively and pay attention to strategy and only triumph awaits! Once the adrenaline starts pumping, you can’t help but fall for the thrill of the game.

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    The game

    There are many different game scenarios and formats available at Burrungule Park Paintball, but typically, a group of players will divide into two teams and play ‘capture the flag’. Depending on the size of the playing field, the number of players on each team can vary from four to five and even up to fifteen or twenty.

    The object is to capture the other team’s flag while defending your own. In your quest to capture the flag, you must try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball. The games are usually limited to around 15 to 25 minutes but could range from 10 minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of the field and the number of players.

    Between games, players take a break to check over their equipment, reload paintballs and take the time to refresh with food and drink while recalling the thrills of victory and (often funny) agonies of defeat. Win or lose, there’s fun to be had by all. 

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    The gear

    • Paintball markers – our markers used on the paintball fields are the very best available (semi-automatic Tippmann 98 Customs). The markers are simply point and shoot, powered by carbon dioxide cylinders. The paintballs are propelled to a distance of around 50 to 80 metres, depending on the speed setting of the markers.

    • Paintballs – these are round, thin-skinned gelatine capsules of around 1.5cm in diameter and filled with brightly coloured vegetable dye, which can be easily rinsed out of clothing and off the skin. The paintballs are non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable. They come in a range of different colours.

    • Fields – there are a number of different field formats in a typical paintball operation. We have 100 acres of natural bushland, which is divided into different sections to make up fields such as Speedball, Bunkers, Trenches, Corridors, Search Field, Crossfire, The Ridge, Fences, Club Field, The Cage and the Fuel Dump. The diversity of our fields means you can enjoy a great variation of play. 
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    What’s included?

    A normal day session at Burrungule Park Paintball consists of five structured games with anywhere from 50 to 150 or more paintballs per game. We supply all players with head gear and overalls. Gloves, chest protectors and neck protectors are also available.

    Our days commence at 10.00am SA time and conclude approximately between 3.00pm and 4.00pm. If your group is the only book for a certain day, start times are flexible – call today to find out more. We require a minimum of 10 players before a booking can be confirmed if your group is the only booking for that day, but should there be more bookings, we can combine smaller groups to make it more fun and enjoyable for all. Plus, as the organiser of your group, you will receive 100 free shots if your party consists of 10 people and 200 free shots if your party consists of 20 people or more. 

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    Is there an age limit?

    For your safety, children over 10 years old are eligible to play. Parents may join in with the fun if they wish, or take photos and spectate from the safety bays. 
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    Our game prices

    At Burrungule Park Paintball, we price our equipment hire and insurance at a competitive $20 for each player. If you have a group of over 20 players, this price includes lunch, which is normally $5 per person for a delicious and healthy array of food, including BBQ cooked chicken, beef kebabs, sausages, hamburger patties and camp oven potato bake. Chips, chocolate bars and drinks are available for sale during the day.

    Payments can be made on the day in either cash or EFTPOS. To help with our bookings, a cheque can be made out for the player deposits and mailed to us. If you pay a week before your booking, all players in your group will receive 50 free paintballs.

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    Our paintball prices

    • $6 for 20 paintballs
    • $12 for 50 paintballs
    • $22 for 100 paintballs
    • $90 for one bag of 500 paintballs
    • $200 for 10 bags of 100 paintballs (1000 in total)
    • $360 for 4 bags of 500 paintballs (2000 in total – ‘purple box’)
    • $380 for 20 bags of 100 paintballs (2000 in total – ‘blue box’)
    Our bulk packs are perfect for sharing among players. 
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    Safety first

    For safety, paintball players must always wear approved goggles to protect their eyes during a game and while in areas where shooting is permitted, such as the target range.

    Strict safety rules are enforced and must be followed to ensure that paintball remains a very safe sport, enjoyable and exhilarating for all.

    Insurance statistics show that paintball is incredibly safe, much more than any other team sport due to the non-contact nature of the game. Referees are present on the field to start and finish the game, ensure fair play and control safety. 

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    Frequently asked questions

    • What should I wear?  Camouflage overalls are supplied, so something fairly light to wear underneath would be suitable because paintball is a physically active game. You are more than welcome to bring your own camouflage gear. Wear durable boots with a good tread.

    • Do I need to be fit?  No. You can tailor your own playing style to suit your fitness level. Defending a flag or sniping require very little exertion, but running for a flag can be more exhausting than a game of squash!

    • What should I spend on paintballs?  It’s completely up to you. Players who take a sniper stance will use less, those who like to blaze away Ned Kelly style will use more. Most people tend to use somewhere between 100 and 500 paintballs in a day.

    • What about the weather?  The worse the weather, the better the fun! On days of extreme or total fire ban, we do not operate as a bush fire safety prevention measure.

    • Do I have to organise a team or can I come on my own?  You can do it either way. If you are in a club or have a group of friends who want to play, you can all book together for a day of fun. If you are coming alone, we can arrange for you can join a team.

    • How long does the game go on for?  The day’s play lasts from around 10:00am to 4.30pm, which will be a series of games on a number of different field scenarios. The shortest game is speedball, which only runs for around ten minutes, other games may last up to thirty minutes or so. All times are flexible and may be changed to accommodate your needs.

    • Can spectators come and watch?  There is an elevated and screened viewing area at the Bunker Field. All other fields have safety screens for viewing at ground level. Spectators anywhere else must be wearing safety goggles at all times when the games are in progress. Smoking is restricted to the fire safe reception area.

    • Do I need to bring food?  No, we supply a hearty barbecue and camp oven lunch for just $5. Fresh water is on tap and there will be a range of other snacks and drinks available for purchase. Feel free to bring anything else you wish to eat or drink. Alcohol may not be consumed before or during the games, but you are welcome to relax afterwards with a beverage of your choice.

    For more information, or to book your paintball party,
    call our friendly team today on 0428 873 122 .

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